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Please be aware that some Pacific reefs are being decimated by indiscriminate collection, particuarly for 'Nemo', the clownfish popularized by the Disney film 'Finding Nemo'.  Enter for further details

Dr Warren Burgess, Dr Herbert Axelrod. 
Divided into three sections. Aquariust: the families of fishes and a systematic list; Pictorial Identification Section - 630 pages, three colour photos per page, limited text but with icons indicating tank environment. Marine Aquarium Set-up asnd Maintenance Section. 
A very comprehensive book and a must for anyone keeping marine fishes.
1023 pages. 1900 photos. Full colour.
AQUARIUM CORALS. Selection, Husbandry, and Natural History
Eric H. Borneman.
Although the book is written for those wishing to keep corals in an aquarium, this is one of the best book I have seen on the natural history of corals. And understandably so, for if you wish to keep corals in an habitat, you need to understand their natural life in some detail. It is also an excellent book as a means of identification, the greater part of the book being devoted to this. Other chapters cover the symbiotic relationship with algae, competition and reproduction, feeding, anatomy, taxonomy, and conservation. An excellent authorative book even if you have no intention to keep an aquarium. 
Hardcover, medium format 22- x 240 mm, 464 pages, full colour throughoput, index, extensive bibliography, glossary. 
$94.00.. Sorry, no longer available from us. May still be in print.
Werner Weiss.
T.F.H. Publications, USA, UK, Australia. 1985.
Flexible plastic laminated colour cover, slightly lesss than A4 format, 112 pages, full colour throughout. Index, further reading.
From the back cover blurb: English-speaking aquarists for many years have had a high regard for the leading German aquarists. German tropical fish hobbyists have been in the forefront of good developments in the aquarium hobby—especially in regard to the breeding of hard-to-spawn fishes and hard-to-grow plants that make heavy demands on their owners for attention and constant care. European hobbyists in general and German hobbyists in particular have been praised for their attention to detail in the care of their fishes, so this book—written by Werner Weiss, one of Germany's best and best-known aquarists—will be highly valued for its concentration on the fine points of aquarium management as well as its masterful exposition of the basics. Generously illustrated with full-color photos throughout, this book is a visual treat as well as a storehouse of valuable information. It covers its topic thoroughly and well, and its editor for the English-language market, foremost American aquarist/scientist/publisher Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod, has taken special pains to preserve the Continental flavor of the original text. Among the topics covered are: The Aquarist: Pond Hobgoblin or Spare-time Scientist?. . .Where to Put the Aquarium. . .Types of Aquariums. . .Heating. . . Light in the Aquarium. . .Aeration. . .Filtration. . .Water Changes. . .The Bottom Layer. . .Decorations. . .The Water. . .The Underwater Garden in Miniature. . .Lords of the Manor: the Fishes (Characins, Barbs, Cichlids, Loaches, Labyrinth Fishes, Livebearers, Killifishes, Catfishes). . .Feeding. . .Outfitting and Servicing the Aquarium. . .Spawning. . .Health Care.
Several as new copies available. $24.00
A Guide to their Captive Care, Breeding and Natural History.
Joyce D. Wilkerson
This is an extremely informative book if you want to get into the nitty-gritty of what makes Nemo tick. It has been written for aquarists wishing to raise the species, however because of its detailed content on breeding and natural history, its audience is far reaching, and includes the diver, underwater photographer and general observer. Likewise, the chapers on breeding and raising provide in-depth knowledge of the species that relates back to their natural habitat. Such an understanding provides the casual observer and underwater photographer with knowledge that enhances the enjoyment of appreciating these delightful fishes, be they in their natural habitat or as a bred species. 
Softcover, medium format, 240 pages, full colour throughout, many photographs and diagrams, index, bibliography, sources and contacts.
$65.00   Sorry, no longer available from us. May still be in print.
Colourful Little REEF FISHES
Helmut Debelius 
An excellent value hardcover book, and the definitive guide to the small tropical reef fishes that we see hovering in and around coral heads - the Basslets, Tilefish, Hawkfish, Cardinalfish, Damselfish, as well as Blennies and Gobies. Debelius' work is always informative and interesting to read, matched by appropriate mono and full colour photographs. 160 pages, hardcover.
Axelrod and Schultz.
Includes aquarium management, plants and diseases. 
Species listed are not necessarily saltwarer.
A huge book, with informative and extensive text.  Hardcover 718p, some colour.  $42.00 
Sorry, no longer available from us. May still be in print.
Herbert Axelrod and Warren Burgess. 
Mainly for the aquarist, this book covers the keeping of seawater species, mainly tropical, including Pterois volitans and other lionfish species, seahorses, the wrasse family, anglefishes, butterfly fishes, moorish idols and many others specifically mentioned. Includes feeding, diseases, introduction of new species to the tank, general procedure. 
Hardcover, 94 pages, 72 colour and 17 mono photographs. $22.00
Sorry, no longer available from us. May still be in print.This is a TFH publication, so try any good pet or home aquarium shop.
Dr. Cliff Emmens.
There is no better book for understanding the keeping of marine (ie saltwater) fishes, plants and invertebrates in the home aquarium. In so doing, it is also an excellent book for the diver who wants to understand more of the marine life he or she sees in the ocean, particularly feeding cycles, even if there is no interest in establishing an aquarium. Hardcover, large A4 format, 190 pages, full colour throughout, printed on gloss art paper. 
Ronald Shimek.
This is a superb guide, ‘the essential concise reference',  and although marketed as a ‘pocket-expect guide', it is 448 pages, in full colour throughout, and covers some five hundred ‘essential to know aquarium species'. Don't let the word ‘aquarium' put you off - in fact,the detail for aquarium keepers is just as important for divers experiencing the invertebrates in their natural habitat as the text delves more deply than most other publications into their natural life, their feeding habits, reproduction, predators and the like. I have found it to b one of the most interesting books availabl on invertebrates. 
Softcover, 115 x 185 mm, full colour throughout, 448 pages, index, bibliography, glossary.$66.00
REEF LIFE - Natural History and Behaviors of Marine Fishes and Invertebrates.
D.N Tackett & L.Tackett.
Its all very well being able to identify your species, and there are surely an abundant number of fish and invertebrate identification books, but if you want to know more about the natural science of the marine world, this is an excellent book. "A must-have book for every diver, aquarist and underwater naturalist (and photogrpaher) who wants to ... understand what he or she is seeing on the coral reef or in the marine aquarium." I could not agree more. Chapters include reef explorations, reef origins, reef dwellers, near-reef habitats, living together, feeding, protection and fenense, masquerade, reproduction and a chapter on the disappearing reefs. Although mainly tropical species based, it is not entirely so. This is a well produced book, of A4 size, softcover, full colour throughout, 224 pages. 
Please note: Hardcover no longer available. Softcover $68.00. 
Sorry, no longer available from us. May still be in print.
THE MARINE AQUARIUM - The Questions & Answers Manual Of...
Nick Dakin
Salamanda Books, London. 1996
Hardcover laminated boards, with similar dust jacket in protective cover, full colour throughout, 208 pages, index. 
A very well produced book. Covers the fishes and invertebrates. 
From the front fly blurb: Many books offer the marine fishkeeper sound advice on selecting equipment and livestock; few follow up with practical advice in the long term. No matter how expert an aquarist you are, problems with equipment, water quality or livestock will inevitably occur. The Questions and Answers Manual of the Marine Aquarium focuses on helping you to overcome those problems and offers you the knowledge necessary to develop into the more challenging aspects of your hobby.
One new copy available, $34.00
Dr. Cliff Emmens. 
Arguably the most important book to have if you operate a marine (seawater) aquarium. Cointents includes Th Tank and Equipment, The Water, Workable Marine Systems, Handling Fishes and Invertebrates, Diseases and Parasites.
Hardcover, large format, gloss art paper, 208 pages, full colour.$42.00
Sorry, no longer available from us. May still be in print.
Dr Herbert R. Axelrod.
T.F.H. Publications, USA, UK, Australia. 1982.
Hardcover, laminated boards, large format A4 size, 94 pages, full colour throughout.
From the back cover blurb: Thebeauty of tropical fish and their interesting actions have fascinated people for many years and have made aquarium-keeping one of the world's most popular hobbies—whether you're looking for educational entertainment or dazzling additions to home decor or just plain relaxation and fun, tropical fish fill the bill. This excellent book is perfect for anyone beginning with a freshwater tropical fish aquarium, because it covers all topics of significance to beginners, and it covers them well. Interesting and easy to read, the text leads readers by the hand and provides a step-by-step path to success with tropical fish. In addition, the book is generously illustrated with an array of large full-color photos that capture the appeal of tropical fish at their true-to-life best and serve as highly useful identification guides. Contents; Aquarium   Technique;   Care   of   Plants  and  Animal  Life; Feeding; Fish Diseases; Exotic Fishes; Invertebrates.
As new copies available, $28.00
incent B. Hargeaves
A.H. & A.W. Reef Ltd, Sydney. 1978
Hardcover, dustjacket, 160 pages, fukll colour throughout, index, glossary, further reading.
From the front fly blurb: This book will prove to be a valuable contribution to the relatively new hobby of marine fish-keeping. The author, Vincent B Hargreaves, was one of its pioneers in the United Kingdom and has set down in book form all his experience gained over the last decade in order to bring the technique of establishing a miniature 'living coral reef in the home within the reach of everyone. Chapters on setting up the aquarium, water care and filtration, maintenance and breeding are included with the most up-to-date information available at the time of going to press. Over 225 different species of fishes are described and richly illustrated in full colour. The majority of these photographs have never before appeared in print. There is a special chapter on aquarium decoration including shells and corals, many of which are illustrated. A section on Invertebrates suitable for aquaria is also included and covers such diverse creatures as Sea Anemones, Urchins, Living Corals, Jellyfish and Molluscs. Written as a complete handbook it will be useful to beginners as well as experienced marine aquarists. Colleges and universities catering for bioiogy students should not overlook this reference work when establishing and maintaining life-support systems for marine research.  One new copy available. $34.00
Oceans Enterprises, 303 Commercial Road, Yarram, Vic 3971, Australia.