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The following books are new unless indicated otherwise. They will not be replace when sold. As our speciality is in the ocean world, the Pacific is a subsidiary interest only, and we are certainly not experts in the bibliography of the region. 
Last update 30 May 2005 

Dr. S.M.Lambert. J.M.Dent & Sons, London, 1941. Hardcover, dustjacket, 421 pages, sepia toned photographs. The author was sent to the South Pacific by the Rockefeller Fondation in 1920. He greatly diminishing several diseases and ailments, and was main player in the eradication of the terrible disease, hookworm. "... millions of primitive folk are finding their way to civilization under sane, understanding and human guidance". Covers the islands from Tahiti, Fiji, Tonga, the Gilberts, New Guinea, Cook Islands. Copy offered is second-hand, in fine condition with good dustjacket. 

Arthur Grimble. Hardcover, dustjacket, 250 pages. One of the finest first-person experiences of the Pacific, based on life of an administrator in th Gilbert and Ellis Islands. Exceptionally well writte, a delight to read. One of my most favourite books. 

BORA.  $15.00 
Erwin Christian and Raymond Bagnis. Hardcover 128 pages, full colour throughout. Covrs this most bautiful island in French Polynesia, its people, flora and fauna. 

A Natural History of a Threatened Paradise.
William Gray. Hodder & Stoughton, Australia, 1993. Hardcover, larg format, dut jacket, 192 pages, full colour throughout, mono and colour drawings. Looks at the islands of the P{acific, their flora and fauna, touristm, and the future. A beautifully produced book whic is a pleasure to read. 

Bob Putigny. 
How did the statues get there? Where they carved on the island or brought in by ship. This book will not give the answers, but it certainly shows the fascinating landscape. 
Limited copies. Not a diving text. Hardcover, dustjacket, full coplour 128 pages.

Pacific Publications. 1980. Softcover, plastic over boards, 304 pages, mono photos and maps. Includes large foldout map of the islands. Acoomodation details well out of date, but historic and islnd information relevant. New copy offered. 

FRIENDLY ISLAND. Patricia Ledyard  Pacific Publication, Sydney, 1974. The Friendly Islands are Tonga. This is an excellent study of the people of Tonga, not just the main nislands but through to beautiful Vava'u. It is a personal study by one who lived amongst the people and expoerienced their day to day dramas.  Softcover, 250 pages, no photos. Very good copy offered.  $25 

John A. Fraser. J.M.Dent & Sons, London, 1954. Hardcover, 262 pages, mono print. The author lived in Fiji for many years. Copy offered is ex-library, reasonable condition, no dust jacket. 

GOLD DISH AND KAVA BOWL An Australian's own story of his search for gold and the full enjoyment of life in Australia, Fiji and the Solomons. John A. Fraser.  J.M.Dent & Sons Ltd., London, 1954. The author worked as a prospector in Australia, Fiji and the Solomons, and his travels enabled him to onserve not only the geographic features of the land, but the people and the wildlife, frequently on and the same.  Hardcover, dust jacket, 262 pages, no images, index. Copy offered is excellent.  $35

Caroline Mytinger. Macmilln & Co., London, 1943. Hardcover, 335 pagesa few mono drawings. A serious look at the eople, culture and customs of the Solomon Islands by a well respected anthropologist. This is an important work on the Solomons. Copy offered is second-hand with no dust jacket, inexcellent condition. 

HOW TO GET LOST AND FOUND IN TAHITI. John W. McDermott  Waikiki Publishing, Honolulu. 1979 I guess the title tells it all. This was a classic travel book in its day.  "It seems in retrospect that several times in this book the subject of either bare-bosomed ladies or sharks has come up. The intention is not to lay undue emphasis on either subject but prhaps because of a Rocky Mountain youthful period of upbringing, they capture the attention fster than other subjects. You know, in Colorado Springs during my childhood, you didn't see many sharks or topless women." Softcover, 236 pages, index, no photos. Copy offered is in good condition with a few minor creases on the front cover.  $25 

ISLANDS OF MEN - Inside Melanesia.  Second-hand.  $25
Colin Simpson. Angus and Robertson, 1955. Hardcover, dustjacket, 248 pages, mono and colour plates. New Guinea, New Hebrides and Fiji. Another superb volume by a superb observer of life and a master writer. 

National Geographic Society. 
A colourful and informative hardcover book, full colour, 210 pages, covring th islans of the south Pacific, their people and geography. New.

ISLANDS OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC  Sir Harry Luke. George G. Harrap & Co., 1962 The author was governor o Fiji and High Commissioner for the Western pacific 1938-1942. This is quite an authorative work, covering the history and cultures of most of the Pacific Islands.  Hardcover, dustjacket, 284 pages, no images, index. Copy offered is in excellent condition, with a dustjacket slightly torn and scuffed but generally very good.   $35 

IUMI IETIA!   $12.00
Solomon Islands and the Third Pacific Festival of the Arts. 1981. About 36 pages, colour.

Cargo Cults & Cargo Messiahs in the South Pacific. - a polemical work about a black targedy.
Edward Rice. Doubleday, New York, 1974. Hardcover, dustjacket, 262 pages, mono photographs. Concerns the cargo cult society that still exists on Tanna Island in Vanuatu. New, slight scuffing on back of dust jacket. 

Second-hand, excellent condition. Roger M. Kesing and Peter Corris. Hardcover, dustjacket, 220 pages, mono plates. The 1927 murder of a colonial government representative on one of the Solomon Islands led to a retributive attack and massacre that Australians should be ashamed of.

MADE IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC Arts of the Sea. People Christin Price E.P.Dutton, New York, 1979.  This very well illustrated and important volume covers the imaginative art of the Micronesian, Melanesian and Plynesian people of the south Pacific, through their interpretation and use of stone, wood, and clay, for every ue items, and for simple decoration.    Hardcover, dustjacket, 134 pages, well illustrated with mono photographs and drawings, index.  Copy offered is in excellent nar new condition.  $85

Judy Tudor. Pacific Publications, Sydney, 1966. Hardcover, dustjacket, 256 pags, mono photographs. Of people and politics, the islands as many went through post-war independence, and the early role of self government. Covers the Fijian Islands, Papua New Guinea, Nauru, Tarawa. Copy offered is second-hand, book in excellent condition, dut-jackey scuffed and torn, hence only fir condition. 

Kenneth Brower. Photography by Robert Wenkam. Friends of the Earth, San Francisco, etc. A Continuum Book, The Seabury Press, New York, about 1975. Very large format, hardcover, dustjacket, 160 pages, full colour throughout. It is easy to desdcribe how exceptional are the full oage colour images throughout the book, but It is hard to describe the book itself - it is more than a collction of photographs, much more. Apart from the general description of the Micronesian Islands, each photograp is accompanied by a sentence or two, a paragraph, or poetry,  from some of the finest explorers and writers o our time who have themselves expereinced the majesty of Micronesia. New copy offered in perfect condition except for a slight curling at the bottom and top of the laminated dust jacket. 

Jacques Chegary.Arhtur Barker Ltd., London, 1952. Hardcover, dustjackt, 191 pages, mono photographs. Concerns itself with the people, tradition, history of polynesian peoples, specifically based on onservation and experiences at tahiti, Bora Bora, Morea and, to the east, Anna, Haraiki, and Hikuera. Copy offered is first English edition, 1953, secondhand in good condition with dustjacket, expected wear on spine and edges. 

NATIVE MONEY OF PALAU Robert E.Ritzenthaler  Milwaukee Public Museum, Wisconsin, USA, 1954.  Covers the origins of native money, the type and value, how money is aquired, its use and cycle, attitude toward money, impact of foreign contact on nativ money.  Softcover, 46 pages, no images. Copy offered is second printing, 1973, in as-new condition. $25 

Bernard Hermann & H. de Camaret. Les Editions du Pacifique, Tahiti, 1975. Hardcover, dustjacket, 128 pages, full colour throughout.  A photographic essay of the people and the islands. 

James Siers. Millwood Press, Wellington, New Zealand, 1980. Hardcover, 128 pages, mono and colour photographs throughout. Surely one of the most beautiful nations in th world. This excellent photographic essay is a worthy memory of a visit - or perhaps it will encourage you to travel. Either way, it is a delightful book. 

OARS ACROSS THE PACIFIC.  $20  Second-hand, perfect condition.
John Fairfax and Sylvia Cook. W.W.Norton & Co, New York, 1972. Hardcover, dustjacket, 254 pages, mono prints. Eight thousand miles across the Pacific by rowing boat. 

John Carter, editor. Pacific Publications, Sydney, New York. 
Fourteen Edition, 1981. Hardcover, printed boards with protective plastic holding a lrge fold out map inside rear cover. 559 pages, maps, a few photographs. The definitive guide for both the businessman and statesman, and also the casual tourist. 

PALAU $26.00
Nancy Barbour . 
A very neat book, slightly larger than standard format, softcover - with plenty of full colour plates. This is a marine and diving guide covering some of the best sites in Rabaul including of course tragic Blue Corner, and Chandelier Cave. Good value and very interesting. Softcover, 158 pages. 

DeVerne Reed Smith. Rutgers University Press, New Jersey, 1983. 
Palau, in the western Carolin Islands, has long been known to anthropologists for practicing one of the most complex of social structures. This book is an ethnographic analysis of Palauan social organisation and the wider culture in which it is rooted. Hardcover, dustjacket, 348 pages. New copy. 

PHILIPPINES.  The Complete Guide to...  $5.00
Saul Lockhart. CFW Guidebooks, Hong Kong. 1981. Hardcover, laminated bords, 112 pages, full colour. A fine introduction to the PhilippinesThe hotels and rstaurants have no dounbt changed but the history remains.

Passion and Solitude on a Philippines Island.
James Hamilton-Paterson. Macmillan, London, 1987. Hardcover, dustjacket, 282 pages, no photographs. Gives a personal portrait of rural society in the Philippines, based on the authors experiences on an otherwiseisolated island called Tiwarik, where is lives of the sea. A book beautifully written but a man who respects nature and the culture of others. 

PLEASURE ISLANDS OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC.  $28  Second-hand, perfect condition.
Colin Simpson. Hard cover, dustjacket, 236 pages, mono and colour plates. Methuen Australia, 1979. Travel writing at its best - an excellent insight into the people of the Pacific islands. It is a great pity that so much has changed.

Folco Quilici. Collins Publishers, 1972. Hardcover, dustjacket, 126 pages, coliur prints. Includes several Pacific societies, including Papua New Guinea. Copy offered is ex-library, in good condition. 

David Attenborough. Lutterworth Prss, London, 1960. Hardcover, dust jacket, 224 pages, mono and colour photographs. As would be expected, the authprs observations and writings are both entertainiong and informative. Concerns the people of New Guinea, the New Hebrides, Fiji and Tonga, with chaptrs on the lnd divers pf Pentecost, cargo cults, firewalkers of Fiji. Copy offered is second-hnd in excellent condition with near perfect dust jacket. 

His own story of the Fijian coup, as told to Eddie Dean & Stan Ritova. 
Doubleday, Australia, 1988. Softcover, 174 pages, mono photographs. Covers the coup stags by Colonel Sitiveni Rabuka when he led a raid on Parliamen House in Suva, on 14 May 1987.

SAMOANA - A Personal Story of the Samoan Islands.C.G.A.McKay   A.H. & A.W.Reed, NZ and Sydney, 1968. The author arrived in Apia in 1919 to tke up a clerical position with the administration. This is a personal account of the colonial years from 1900 through to 1961"Imbued with a profound understanding and lovefor the Samoan people, the book also enlivens with wry humour the story of New Zealand's record as an honest and enlightened, if inexperienced, colonial power".  Hardcover, dustjacket, 177 pages, a few mono photographs, index. Copy offered is in excellent conditionwith just slight scuffing on back of dust jacket.  $35 

Tom Harrison. Victo Gollancz Ltd, publishers, London, 1937. Softcover, 460 pages, mono photographs. 
The edition offered is by the Left Book Club, and has a notation on the front cover, Not For Sale to the Public. Edition is in good conditionwith no tears. An important work on the anthropology of the New Hebrides, predominantly based on experinces and observations on Espiritu Santo. The European discovery of the islands, and the subsequent incursion by white 'traders' and blackbirders is well covered. An important work. 

SOUTH PACIFIC DANCE. $15.00  Secondhand. Excellent condition. 
Beth Dean. 1978. Softcover, oblong format, full colour throughout. Covers th dance of the Melanesian, Micronesia and Polynesian Islands. Colourful and fascinating. Text describs their culture and meaning of dance. 

SOUTH PACIFIC HANDBOOK $15. New but old. Third Edition, 1985
David Stanley. The predominant guide to the South Pacific Islands; excellent of history, the people, facilities, getting there. 580 pags, softcover, many maps, mono and colour photographs. Also two earlier editions available, $12.00.

Martin Sutton. Adventurers and Dreamers in the South Seas. Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr make it in more ways than one (remember the beach scene in From Here to Eternity ? And so does Jean Simmons, and even Elvis. But the book is really about earlier, shall we say more serious, adventurers - Robert Louis Stevenson, Paul Gagnain, Charles Darwin and Joseph Banks et al. Of course I went directly to the chapter titled The Missionary position, only to find it was all about the incredible Rev. John Williams. Well illustrated, hardcover, dustjacket, 160 pages.

Albert J> Schutz. Pacific Publications, Sydney 1978. Softcover, saddle stiched, fifty-two pages, mono prints, maps. The history and description and the town road by road, is still most relevant. A handy book. New copy available. 

TAHITI ISLAND OF LOVE Fifth edition.Robert Langdon  Pacific Publications, Sydney 1959 Langson is well remembered for his superb book The Lost Caravel. This is pedominantly a book on the history of the island including such notable events as the visit by James Cook, the Mutiny on the Bounty, and 'meddlesome priests'.   Soft cover, 284 pages, mono prints, index. Copy offered is in very good condition.  $20

Robert Keable. Hutchinson & Co., London, no date, suggest 1940s or 50s. Appears to b a volume in the Booklover's Library series. Hardcover, no dustjacket, 254. A series of essays on the popel of Tahiti, Samo, New Zealand, and others; also history and culture. Secondhand copy offered, in good condition. 

TAHITI AND ITS ISLANDS. $15.00 Secondhand, book is excellent but repaired tear on back of dust jacket.. 
Bob Putigny. Hardcover, full colour, 130 pages. Describes the islands and its people. 

James Siers. Millwood Press, Wellington, New Zealand, 1982. Hardcover, oblong format, dustjacket, 204 pages, many colour photographs - indeed it is [redominantly a photo essay of Tahiti, the people and the island. A section on early European discovery and  settlement is relevent. 

James Siers. Millwood Prss, Wellington, 1985. Softcover, 144 pages, full colour throughout. Much of the accommodation data is out of date but this is more o a photographic record of the poeple and the islands. New copy offered. 

THE FIJIAN WAY OF LIFE - Vaka i Taukel. Asesela Ravuvu. Institute of Pacific Studies of the University of the South Pacific, 1983 As the title aptly suggests, gives an excellent description of the indigenous Fijian way of life, through chapters on culture and traditional taboos, housing, food, life-cycle, social consideration, the Fijian personality.  Softcover, 130 pages, mono photos, index, vocabulary glossary. Copy offered is in very good condition.  $26

THE FORGOTTEN PEOPLE OF THE PACIFIC.  $65.00  Second-hand, perfect condition, as new.
Philippe Diole. Cassell & Co, London, 1977. Hardcover, dustjacket, 300 pages, full colour. Predominantly on the peoples of Papua New Guinea. 

A Diary of the Solomons.
D.C.Horton. The Travel Book Club, London, 1966. Hardcover, dust jacket, 198 pages. The author was posted to the Solomon Islands and became a District Officer in 1937. This is his account of his time in the islands, principally at Malaita, over the channel from Guadalcanal. Second-hand copy offered in excellent condition with dust jacket. 

The Adventures of a South Sea Wanderer. 
Jorgan Andersen-Rosendal. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, publishers of New York, 1961. Hardcover, dust jacket, 272 pages, mono photographs. Of the Polynesian islands, an supwerbly written essay on the trials and tribultions of the people retaining their culture in an ever-changing world. His observations and expreinces are indeed worthy of posterity. Second-hand coy offered with slightly worn dust-jacket.

THE HAPPY LAGOONS The World of Queen Salote. Orgen Rosendal. Jarrolds, London, 1961 Startling sexual freedoms and old taboos, the new religion and the lurking superstitions - yes, tht certaionly makes for a memorable read. This is about the people and culture of Tonga, and the court life of Queen Salote - "brought into life with a characteristically wry Danish humour which givs the book a flavour of its own". (Danish humour - I can't recall too many Danish sit-coms. But then, Victor Borge was Danish if I remember).  Hardcover, dustjacket, 224 pages, mono photographs. Copy offered is in very good condition, with dust jacket scuffed on top spine and a small piece removed.  $28 

THE HEAD-HUNTERS OF BORNEO A Narrative of Travel Up The Mahakkam and Down the Barito, also, Journeyings in Sumatra. Carl Bock.  Oxford University Press, Singapore, 1985.  The author was a Norwegian naturalist and explorer who visited the Malay archipelago in the 19th century. The Introduction is by R.H.W.Reece of Murdoch University, WA. Exceptionally well writtn, this gives a personl description of the peoples and their cultures in a most isolated and desperate part of the world.  Softcover, 344 pages, bibliography, excellent colour prints, index, short vocabularly glossary. Copy offered in new. $32 

THE JOURNAL OF WILLIAM LOCKERBY (Ed). Sir Everard Im Thurn.  Sandalwood Trader in the Fijian Islands During the Years 1808-1809.  Fiji Times and Herald, 1982.  One of the very early accounts of the Fijian islands.  Softcover, 118 pages, endnotes.  20 blackbirding, sandalwood, fiji       1054
Kim Gravelle FIJI'S TIMES A History of Fiji. Fiji Times, Suva, 1979 An interesting account of the history of Fiji and the everyday life of its people through fifty separate essays.  Softcover, 254 pages, a few mono photos. Copy offered is in new condition.  $26 

Ronald Syme. Millwood Press, Wellington, New Zealand, 1978. ISBN 0-908582-27-7. Hardcover, dustjacket. 214 pages, mono photographs. An exceptional essay on th Cook islands, its people and remarkable legends. A classic in the genre of Pacific books. Copy offered is as new with slighly scuffed dust-jacket on top spine. 

Pierre Loti. The Iniversity Press of hawaii, , Honolulu, 1976. Hardcover, dustjacket, 191 pages. One of the great lassics of Pacific literature. Loti was drawn to the romance of the Tahiti islands in 1865, and provides an exceptional insight into th exotic way of life of these Tahitian people, and the impact of European civilization. This is beyond a simple love story as it evokes the emotions of the joining of two classes of people, two cultures. Gauguin was inspired by Loti and no doubt influenced his lengthy stay at Tahiti. As new copy offered. 

THE PALUAN ARTS  D.Ramarui Possibly published by the author, printed in Palau, 1982. A concise yet important essay that covers the Paluan art forms and uses, the artist's relation to the community, form, expression, symbolism, use of coliur, tattooing.  A4 size softcover, saddle stitched, 28 pages, with mono prints, bibliography. Copy offered is near new with just slight fading on spine. $20 

THE PALAU ISLANDS  Mandy Thyssen. Appears ot have been self published, with sponsorship by Neco Tours/Marine Shop at Koror, Palau, 1988. A fine book covering the people and culture, a description of the various islands and its history, flora and funa, and an extensive section on the marine life of the island group. Softcover, 168 pages, full colour, mono drawings, no index. Copy offered is as new.  $28 

Charles Nordhoff. (C-author of Mutiny on the Bountry).
Littl, Brown & Co., Boston 1927. Hardcover, no dust-jackt, 224 pages. Of pearl, of diving with sharks - of cholera and piracy - of Tahiti and its islands and people. An excellent read. Copy offered is send-hand in excellent condition. 

THE POLYNESIANS - Prehistory of an Island People. Peter Bellwood.  Thamas & Hudson, London, 1978. An important authorative essay on the prehistory of the Polynesian peoples, covering amonst others Tonga, Samoa, Society Islands, Marquesas, Hawaiian Islands, Easter Island and New Zealand. Much of the study is based on artifacts recovered and ancient habitat sites. The author is a reader in Prehistory at the Autralian National University.  Softcover, 197 pages, mono prints, notes, bibliography, index. Copy offered is in excellent as new condition.  $38

Bronislaw Malinowski. A softcover repirnt of the famous book first published in 1929, with numerous subsequent editions. 506 pages, mono prints. The study is based on thge culture of the Trobriant islanders, now part of papua New Guinea, a fascinating study into sexual development and awareness, tribal rules and regulations that govern the life of the people. Secondhand in excellent condition.

Ron Crocombe. Longman Paul publishers, Auckland, New Zealand, 1983. Softcover, 246 pages, mono photographs. Taks a close look at the people and the politics of the island nations. Divinded into four parts - Parameters, ie the people, culture, langauge; Patterns, which covers traditions and beliefs, social organisation; Property, the land and economy; and Power, the politics and politicians, relationships and independence.  New copy offered. 

Patricia Ledyard. Appears to have been self published 1982. Softcover, 82 pages. Covers early Tonga, the Dutch, Spanish, Engqish and French who all had designs on the islands, its society and regal system.

** SORRY, SOLD **THE LOST CARAVEL. $45.00  Second-hand, excellent condition except dustjacket faded.
Robert Langdon. Pacific Publications, 1975. Hardcover, dustjacket, 368 pages, mono prints. Did Spanish castaways influence the ways of the people of Tahiti, establishing an Hispano-Polynesian dynasty which affected Polynesian culture to a great extent?

Philip Snow and Stefanie Waine. An illustrated history of the Europeans among the South Sea islanders. Explorers ans exploiters, writers, artists, whalers and adventurers. Hard, dust jkt, 296 pages, colour and mono prints.

THIS IS THE PHILIPPINES!  People and Places.Lea T.Castelo  Melencico Castelo, Metro Manila, 1980. Covers the twelve major regions of the Philippines. The Marcos family get a good rap for their 'inspiration'. A vry interesting and usefull book for an understanding of the people and provinces.  Softcover, 313 pages, mpono prints, no index. Copy is in excellent condition. $30 

Raymond Firth. George Allen & Unwin, London, 1967. Softcover, proof edition, 368 pagesmono photographs. The author is Professor of Anthropology at the University of London. The book covers an athropological study of the Tikopia people of Polynesia - of totemism, magic and belief, suicide, and all aspects of life. Copy offerd is second-hand. The cover is labelled as 'Uncorrected Proofs', and is this a pre-edotion prior to proper binding, probably hardcover. This edition square edged bound. 

*** SORRY - SOLD ****TONGA ISLANDS William Mariner's Account An Account of the Natives of the Tonga Islands ... with the Original Grammar and Vocabulary of their Language. Compiled ... by Mr William Mariner, Several Years Resident in Those Islands.  Vava'u Press, Tonga, 1981. First published in 1817.  A very important work in terms of the history of Tonga. The author was a survivor of the Port au Prince mssacre, and bcame the adopted son of the warrior king Finau 'Ulukalala II. "His astute observations are a vluabl source of history, and his story a classic adventure of the South Seas. This is the fourth edition, with the story of Mariner's Life.  Softcover, 461 pages, with vocabulary dictionery. Very good condition. $45 

TRUK - MAN IN PARADISE.  $70  Second-hand, good condition.
Thomas Gladwin and Seymour Sarason. Published by Werner-Gren Foundation for Athropological research, Inc. New York, 1953. Viking Fund Publications in Anthropology, Number Twenty. Softcover, 660 pages, mono plates. Copy offered is secondhand in excellent condition. 

TUTURANI - A Political Journey in the Pacific Islands. Scott L.Malcomson. Hamish Hamilton, London,1990.  A well written personl account of observations of a political and cultural nature in several islands of the Pacific, and where he investigated an assassination of an island president, interviewed victims of US nuclear tsting who now live on a barren island in the Marshalls, confronted th Fijian brigadier who twive overthrew the government of his country, experienced civil war in New caledonia - and other interesting memories.  Hardcover, dustjacket, 264 pages, no images, no index, select bibliography. New copy offered.  $35 

'Exploring in the Wake of Captain Cook'. National Geographic Society . 
Takes us on a journey through the Pacific, 'into uncharted seas', covering the three voyages of Cook. The text is not so much historic as contemporary, with an insight into the peoples of the various lands visited. Excellent reading. Not a diving text. Hardcover, dustwrapper, 216 pages, full colour. 

The Marcoses and the Making of American Policy. 
Raymond Bonner. Vintage Books, 1987. Softcover, 570 pages, mono prints. The cover speaks of 'intrique, corruption, hypocricy, expediency, opportunism, negligence' - and thats not all related to just the Philippines. An indept expose of the megalomniac who used the people for his own means, as do all dictators, and had a wife to share the booty, so to speak. Covers in some depth the attitude and tolerance, indeed acceptance, by the USA, and the military bases that cemented the relationhip. New. 

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